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Love is Sweet; lattes too.

February is going fast and so are our specials for this month! As we head into the latter half of this month, we want to shine a spotlight on the specials we have available, all courtesy of the brilliant mind of our manager Mike. 

Strawberry Sweetheart

One of my personal favorites, Strawberry Sweetheart is a drink of strawberry infused milk topped with earthy matcha or smooth espresso. Both flavors mesh beautifully with the strawberry milk, adding a sophisticated twist to a nostalgic childhood drink. Strawberry Sweetheart can be ordered hot or iced. There are merits to both options. Hot comes in 12 oz only, with milk variety of your choice and is delightfully warm as we brave through the last bits of cold before spring. Iced comes in 16 oz only and is refreshing and light. No matter which you choose, Strawberry Sweetheart is sure to add sweetness to your day. 

The Stormy Night

The Stormy Night is a latte with black sesame infused milk. The black sesame adds a subtle nuttiness and sweetness to the milk that pairs well with the natural sweetness of the espresso. The Stormy Night can be ordered hot or iced. Hot comes in 12 oz only, with milk variety of your choice, and the blend of flavors is so enjoyable when combined with the texture of the steamed milk. Iced comes in 16 oz only and is both refreshing and beautiful, with a gorgeous pale gray emblematic of the drink’s name. I encourage everyone to give this drink a shot, you won’t be disappointed. 

Honey Caramel Latte

Golden honey and caramel combine with a pinch of salt and a shot of espresso in this delicious latte. The floral notes of the honey, the rich sweetness of the caramel, and the slight bitterness of the espresso come together to make a truly magnificent drink experience. The Honey Caramel Latte can be ordered hot or iced. Hot comes in 12 oz only and is the perfect warm pick-me-up for your morning coffee run. Iced comes in 16 oz only and is the perfect sweet treat to liven up your afternoon. 

Arancia Speziata Cappuccino

Our house Spiced Orange syrup elevates the classic cappuccino. Arancia Speziata can be ordered hot or iced and you’ll find the blend of citrus, spice, and espresso is amazing in either variety. Hot comes in 8 oz only and is all warm and foamy goodness. Iced comes in 12 oz only and adds some bright flavor to your day. 

Lover’s Delight

Lover’s Delight is one of the sweetest and most delightful drinks on our menu. White chocolate and raspberry are a match made in heaven in this seasonal cocoa. It can be ordered hot or iced, and you can add a shot of espresso. Speaking from experience, the espresso adds another level of deliciousness to an already amazing drink. Hot comes in 12 oz only. Iced comes in 16 oz only. If you love sweet, you’ll love this. All of our specials and all of our regular menu items can also be ordered here on our website for pickup in store.


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