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Artist on Display: DIG

If you’ve been to the cafe recently, you’ve probably seen that we have new artwork on display. One of our goals at Ethan & the Bean is to support our community. One of the ways we do this is featuring local artists. 

The artist currently being featured is DIG. Her works are in various mediums and styles; from abstract to nature scenes, from paintings to sculptures. If you stopped by when the artwork was first brought in, you might have seen that even chairs become works of art in DIG’s hands. 

Each piece is meant to evoke emotion and appreciation. In your visits to the cafe, we invite you to spend some time studying the works and seeing what feelings they evoke in you.

Several pieces of DIG’s art are available for purchase. The prices range from $25 to $475 and a portion of each sale will be given to Ethan & the Bean. For detailed pricing information, please visit the store and inquire about the piece you’re interested in at the counter.Stop by and see these beautiful works of art, and don’t forget to get a coffee while you’re here! If you’re a local artist and would like to display here at the shop, please email with the subject line ‘Art Display Request’!


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